3 Easy Tricep Push-Ups
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3 Easy Tricep Push-Ups

Get in shape without hitting the gym to get in shape but dont have the money to blow on top-dollar fitness gimmicks? Well, dont worry, as its not even necessary to lug around weights or pay dollars for an expensive personal trainer either. Why? Because there are many exercises that concentrate on toning the physique without the use of exercise machines.

Im going to talk about a few changes of the noted push-up which may be used to improve the back, shoulder, tricep, and pectoral strength. All of those exercises may be performed at home without exercise equipment.

The next couple of exercises condition and tone the triceps in the back of the upper arm. If you experience some soreness in the wrists, stop doing the movement.

Step One

Start with the legs extended, toes on the floor, and hands on the floor with arms extended under the shoulders. Place the hands together with your index fingers and the thumbs touching.

Step 2

carefully bend elbows and lower your body to floor with your chest almost touching the hands. Stay in proper alignment with abdominals contracted tight. Exhale on exertion. Repeat for 8 reps. Go up to three sets of eight.

Intermediate Triceps Dips

The move adds an alternative for those who are only beginning a strengthening platform for the upper arms. If this exercise seems very simple, jump to the Advanced Triceps Dips.

Phase 1

Siting on the floor with your knees bent, feet on the floor, hands on the floor behind you and with fingers pointing toward the body. To begin, lift the hips off the floor.

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