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All Publicity Is Good Publicity’ Still True in Today’s Media Landscape?

We all know the saying “All publicity is good publicity.” It’s usually said in response to someone getting media attention they don’t want. We also hear “All press is good press,” which means any coverage of your company or brand, no matter how bad it might be, will still generate interest and awareness. There are many factors to consider in the world of publicity, but does it equate to growth and impact?

There’s a lot of talk lately about the effects of fake news on social media and its subsequent impact on society as a whole. However, this post isn’t about fake news; rather, we’re going to focus on unpacking publicity and how it can help or harm your company’s reputation.

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What is a publicity campaign?
Let’s start by ‏defining‏ ‏a publicity campaign as “an effort to convey information to the public.” Additionally, it is important to note the difference between publicity and advertising—both are crucial practices that will help your business succeed. ‏‏Everything about PR (public relations)‏ is specialized, personalized, and focused on a particular narrative; advertising focuses on selling a specific product directly to the consumer.

There is a lot of planning and strategy involved in putting together publicity campaigns. Some campaigns are driven by current events while others are manufactured to fit a narrative. ‏To determine the effectiveness of a campaign, look at reach, the number of people who viewed it or interacted with it, the number of engagements, and what the sentiments were (good or bad).

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